Magazine Archive 5

No 78 Winter 2020 Pdf click here 

Tithe Maps: An Introduction: Simon Williams  (Tithe Map explanation)
Yealand Conyers and Yealand Redmayne Tithe Map Features Andy Denwood.

Local Field and Place Names: Sheila Jones 

A Wartime Expedition: Clive Holden 

Brian Bleasedale Part II: Sheila Jones 
Brian lived in Warton and his recollections here and in issue 77 provide an interesting account spent in a changing Warton.

Notes and Queries
J Fuller-Maitland  Ann Bond
A visit to Mourholme Local History Society Archives Jenny Williams 

No 79 Summer 2021 Pdf click here

Researching the Carnforth Branch of the Royal British Legion

Tithe Maps: An Introduction Simon Williams
Warton with Lindeth Tithe Map Pam Davies and Simon Williams 
Observations on the Silverdale Tithe Map Geoff Woods.

Saddler Murray Clive Holden 

Leighton Beck Iron Furnace Simon Williams

Book Review: Levens in the Shadow of the Great War Reviewed by Clive Holden

No 80 Spring 2022 Pdf click here

40 Years On (of Mourholme Local History Society) Awena Carter

Researching the Origins of the Silverdale Village Players in their Centenary Year Keith Hildrew

A History of the Waiting Room at Silverdale Station Bill Robinson 

An Edwardian Elopement (from Silverdale) Geoff Kerr

No 81 Autumn 2022 Pdf click here

Thoughts, Impressions and Reminiscences on the 40th Anniversary of the Mourholme Magazine of
Local History - Jenny Ager, Clive Holden, Pauling Kiggins, Andrew Davies, Nina Gaubert, Awena Carter

An Interview with Margaret Clarke by Sheila Jones

How the Townships Celebrated Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee on 22 June 1897 Nina Gaubert 

Lancaster's Corrupt MP Simon Williams 

Reports of Evening Meetings Clive Holden, Andrew and Pam Davies 


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