Magazine Archive 2

Magazine Archive 2

No 24 1995 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Millhead, Part 6: Millhead in 1891 J. Findlater

The Living and the Dead J. Jenkinson

Doctors and Clergymen in Yealand Conyers M.L. Walling

Millhead, Part 6a: E.D. Barton J. Chatterley


No 25 1995 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here 

Three Sickly Years in Warton Parish J. Findlater

Rev. Joseph Mitchell M.D. Basil Clarke

Leighton Iron Furnace: Where Did the Water Supply Come From? M. Wright


No 26 1996 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here 

Glimpses of a Decade: 1830s, Part 1 J. Chatterley

To Everything There is a Season: Did That Include Marriage in the 17th Century? J. Findlater

Helen at Christmas R. Greaves


No 27 1996 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

Glimpses of a Decade: The Mourholme Parishes in the 1830s, Part 2 J. Chatterley

Silverdale Pottery J. Clarke

Pedder Potts and Mr Barton J. Clarke


No 28 1996 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here 

Diet in the 17th Century Neil Stobbs

Illegitimacy in the Seventeenth Century J. Findlater

Things Aint What They Used to Be J. Jenkinson 


No 29 1997 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Mills and Milling N. Stobbs et al

John Lucas, Leighton and the Iron Industry J.D. Marshall

Local Historians of the Future J. Chatterley


No 30 1997 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

Death in the Late Sixteenth Century Neil Stobbs

Thomas Middleton’s New Park Rediscovered M. Wright

A Holiday in Lakeland, August 1907 “A.R.”


No 31 1997 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here 

Yealand Tradesmen’s Vans C. Miles

Honister Pass, 1907 “A.R”

Helen Escolme’s Diary: Yealand Conyers 1914 R. Greaves

From Midden to Septic Tank J. Clarke


No 32 1998/9 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Restraints on Everyday Life in the Seventeenth Century Neil Stobbs

Lays of a Countryman Joan Clarke

Warton Parish Charities: Part 1 John Findlater 

A Logo for the Society


No 33 1998/9 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

Warton and the Lancaster Canal Michael Wright

Warton Parish Charities: Part 2 John Findlater

The Lancashire Medical Book Club John Findlater

The Lords Mounteagle of Hornby: Part 1 Neil Stobbs


No 34 1998/9 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here

The History of Eaves Wood, Silverdale Michael Wright

The Lords Mounteagle of Hornby: Part 2 Neil Stobbs

Warton Parish Charities: Part 3 John Findlater


No 35 1999/00 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

The Dobby Call. Joan Clarke

The Rocky Road through Warton Parish Michael Wright

The Lords Mounteagle of Hornby: Part 3 Neil Stobbs

Warton Charities: Part 4 John Findlater


No 36 1999/00 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

Churchgoing a Hundred and Fifty Years Ago Arthur Penn

The Inman Family of Lancaster and Hill House, Silverdale Michael Wright

The Lords Mounteagle of Hornby: Part 3 Neil Stobbs


No 37 1999/00 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here

Sources for Changes in Land Ownership in Nineteenth Century Warton Michael Wright

A Valuable Life has a Ghastly End John Findlater

Silverdale Commonlands and Gates Michael Wright 

Silverdale Pottery - The story So Far Andrew White

Hard Times in Silverdale M.L. Walling


No 38 2000/01 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Savage Assault at Carnforth Clive Holden

Warton Church Restoration and its Problems Arthur Penn

Dr. J.W. Jackson Muriel Wild

William Rollinson MA PhD FRGS, 1937-2000 Win Hayhurst & Kate Hodgson

Who Was Rowland Atkinson of Priest Hutton? Paul F. Barker


No 39 2000/01 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

A Silverdale Gravestone Margaret Bainbridge

The Dobby Calls Again Joan Clarke

Mr. Erving’s Book Arthur Penn

The Village Doctor Lonsdale Magazine


No 40 2000/01 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here

The North-West in the Time of William de Lancaster Mary A. Atkin

The Whinnerahs of Warton Hall Farm: Extracts from a Diary Neil Stobbs

Rude Forefathers: Part 1:The Story of an English Village, 1600-1666, Francis H. West extracts by John Findlater


No 41 2001/2 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Thomas Dean : 1796-1870 Arthur Penn

Rude Forefathers: Part 2: The Story of an English Village, 1600-1666,Francis H. West extracts by John Findlater

Silverdale’s Perilous Shore: An 18th Century Tragedy,Margaret Bainbridge & Michael Wright

Further Notes from the Whinnerahs’ Diary Neil Stobbs

Obituary: Brigadier Tryon Wilson

Obituary: Peter Yates


No 42 2001/2 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

In the Very Heart of Dissent; Yealand’s Two Schools Joan Clarke

Rude Forefathers, Part 2: The Story of an English Village, 1600-1666,Francis H. West extracts by John Findlater

Saving Silverdale’s Shoreline: Conservation in the 19th Century Michael Wright

The Establishment of the Police Force in the 19th Century John Jenkinson


No 43 2001/2 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here

Our Changing Coastline: The Lands Lost Beneath the Irish Sea Michael Wright

Rude Forefathers: Part 4: The Story of an English Village, 1600-1666,Francis H. West,final extracts by John Findlater

Oral History: Margaret Grace Garth John Findlater

Horse Rearing: Stud on the Rounds Jeff Swift

Book review: Snagging Turnips and Scaling Muck,by Martha Bates


No 44 2002/3 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Where Did the Males from the Parish Go? Neil Stobbs

Oral History: Leslie Rigg John Findlater

Dalton in the Past Kath Hayhurst

Clay for the Silverdale Pottery: Were Windblown Deposits Used? Michael Wright

Further Information about the Whinnerahs of Warton Hall Farm Neil Stobbs

Sudden Rail Halt July13th, 1850 Westmorland Gazette, 14th July, 2000


No 45 2002/3 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

Richard Hubberthorne of Yealand Redmayne, 1628-1662 Joan Clarke

Oral History: Ann Barber John Findlater

Some Travels of the Shuttleworths and Their Servants, 1590-1600 Neil Stobbs

Breaksman, Clive Holden


No 46 2002/3 Issue 3 Pdf Click Here

Cycling and Shooting John Jenkinson

Town End Farm Stables, Warton Steven Davies

Hand-loom Weaving in Warton Michael Wright

Silverdale Woodcutter: Isaac Walling From Keer to Kent

Oral History: Anthony Watson Chalmers John Findlater

Obituary: Ken Greaves


No 47 2003/4 Issue 1 Pdf Click Here

Did Rowland Hill Invent the Penny Post? Joan Clarke

Disappearing Buildings John Findlater

Land Ownership in Dalton, Burton-in Kendal,at the Time of the Tithe Award, Michael Wright

A Season with Warton Juniors, Clive Holden

Oral History: William Ratcliffe John Findlater


No 48 2003/4 Issue 2 Pdf Click Here

Oral History: Marion Russell John Findlater

Sir Rowland Hill Jean Chatterley

Agriculture in Warton Parish: a Comparison of Crops and Livestock in the 17th and 19th Centuries, Michael Wright

Railway Accidents No.1: The Mail Train Accident, Carnforth, October 1855 Clive Holden

Thomas Tibbenham, Gamekeeper From E. Crowther


No 49 2003/4 IssuePdf Click Here

Oral History: Ernest William Allen Baker John Findlater

Miss Emily Isabella Bolton:, 1901-2003 Kate Hodgson & Jean Chatterley

John Simpson’s Diary Extracts by John Findlater

The Stained Glass of St. Oswald’s Church Warton Arthur Penn

Sunderland Point, Sambo’s Grave and James Watson R.D. Escolme

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